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Lower Back Pain Treatment Orange 92868

Lower Back Pain Treatment Orange 92868

Only the common cold is more prevalent than lower back pain. Over 80% of American adults over the age of 30 will suffer at least 1 episode of significant low back pain.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Mild low back pain is often caused by minor strains, chronic poor posture and spinal misalignment.

Moderate pain in the low back may stem from more strenuous strains from work or sports, long standing poor posture and spinal misalignment, early arthritis and early degenerative disc disease.

Severe back pain comes from traumatic injuries such as car accidents, high velocity sports injuries, more advanced arthritis and disc degeneration, disc bulges, disc herniation and spinal stenosis.


Sciatica is pain down a leg due to inflammation of the sciatic nerve; a large bundle of nerves that starts from the last few vertebrae and runs down to supply the entire leg and foot with nerve impulses. It can be a mild tingling or burning sensation all the way to a severe burning, shooting, electric like pain. It can accompany lower back pain or it can be a stand alone condition. The sciatic nerve becomes inflamed or irritated due to stretching injuries, muscle spasm in the deep buttocks muscles (Piriformis Syndrome), spinal arthritis causing narrowing of the spinal cord space (stenosis) or a bulging or herniated disc.

Diagnosing lower back pain and sciatica

The most common method is a physical examination checking for reflexes, sensation, muscle strength, range of motion and special maneuvers to stress the back muscles, discs and nerves.

Imaging such as plain x-rays can be useful to check for arthritic changes in the bones and joints. The space between the bones can determine if discs have begun to degenerate and shrink allowing nerves to be compromised. Because x-rays only show hard bony tissue, another test may be needed to show soft tissues like the discs and nerves. The MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) test is a non radiation imaging test that can visualize discs and nerves very clearly to detect problems.

Merging exam findings and imaging studies will allow your doctor to arrive at a diagnosis, which then will dictate what treatment options are available.

Lower Back Pain Treatments

For mild low back pain, chiropractic spinal manipulation, therapy modalities and exercise have proven to be the most effective treatment. Relatively inexpensive and quick, this approach can rid you of mild to even moderate back pain and get you back to your usual activities. How long it takes depends on how long you’ve had it and your lifestyle. If you sit in an office all day and do no exercise, yours may take longer than more active people. Generally 2-12 treatments can take care of mild and mild to moderate pain. A home exercise program can then prevent recurrences later.

Moderate to severe lower back and leg pain are usually due to disc problems. A course of conservative care outlined above may be able to reduce or eliminate the pain. If it doesn’t then a more aggressive non-surgical treatment may be helpful. Spinal disc decompression using a specialized machine (DRX9000) can hep recondition your discs and reduce bulges and herniations to get them away from sensitive nerves. A series of 20-30 sessions can be very successful at relieving pain from disc bulges, herniations and spinal stenosis. Occasional touch up treatments may be needed to maintain proper disc health and prevent return of the pain. Home exercises are definitely recommended following DRX9000 treatment for stability. This treatment has prevented many people from requiring spinal surgery which can be dangerous and ineffective.

More invasive procedures like epidural steroid injections should be attempted only after conservative chiropractic care and spinal decompression have failed to bring resolution. And of course spinal disc surgery should always be considered the last option .

Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Treatments in Orange County

Dr Barry Marks is a chiropractor with over 30 years experience and post-doctorate specialty training in orthopedics, spinal trauma and MRI interpretation. Dr Marks is a former Associate Clinical Professor at a leading chiropractic college and has lectured on disc disorders and authored a book on low back pain, “Cure for Lower Back Pain.” Dr Marks provides a range of treatments from conservative chiropractic and physiotherapy to DRX9000 spinal decompression.

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Low back and leg orthopedic neurologic examination
Range of Motion test
X-ray and MRI review

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One Thing to Lose 15-20 Lbs… No Exercise

Health Hack:
1 Thing to Lose 15-20 Lbs… No Exercise

simple tips on weight loss

So you want to lose some weight, but you can’t bring yourself to exercise regularly. There is a way and it involves eliminating 1 thing from your life and you won’t need to exercise at all.

Before I share this one thing with you, I want you to realize that there is a lot of hype out there regarding weight loss. Much of it is a scam. The ideal way to lose weight is to live a healthy balanced lifestyle and lose weight gradually due to better habits. The way I prefer is to eliminate 1 bad habit and add 1 good habit. That’s all. Simple and very doable. After your life has reset and you are used to it, find another bad habit and add another good habit.

Looking in the mirror and saying I want to lose 50 lbs and going berserk with a huge lifestyle change can work for some, but for most of us, it leads to “yo-yoing.” You lose weight then gain it back and then some; it’s an endless cycle.

“Small improvements over time will lead to great changes in your life.”

So here’s your 1 simple thing to eliminate:

quit drinking soda lose weightSODA

Giving up just 1 can (12 oz) of soda will zap over 52,000 calories out of your life over a years time, resulting in weight loss of about 15 lbs. If you give up 1 medium (16 oz) soda a day, you will cut over 70,000 calories from your diet over the course of a year. The result: Lose about 20 lbs.

This takes no other changes in your diet, activity level or anything. Quit soda, lose weight, a good amount of weight; 15-20 lbs is substantial.

Now, here’s 1 simple thing to add to your daily routine:

drink water for weight lossWATER

Getting rid of soda benefits you with weight loss, lower blood pressure and other positive health effects.  Adding water, will help even more. Studies show that drinking a glass of water 30 mins before a meal, 3 times a day will cut from 75-90 calories off of each meal resulting in a loss of around 5 lbs in 3 months. That could mean 12 lbs or more over the course of a year. Water not only helps you lose weight, it also makes your heart work more efficiently, people report clearer thinking when hydrated and many studies show back pain decreases when drinking enough water.

My water routine is one glass 8-10 oz of water:

  1. First thing in morning
  2. On drive to work
  3. At lunch time
  4. With late afternoon snack
  5. On Drive Home from work
  6. With dinner
  7. Before bed

That equates to 7 servings of water a day and isn’t all that difficult.

How to know when you’re hydrated?

Everyone is different and body mass, environment and activity levels alter who much water we need. A simple test is to look at your urine. It should be faint yellow. Not totally clear, but still some yellow color. Darker yellow and more odorous urine means dehydration.

Dropping Soda and adding Water can melt 27 to 32 lbs in one year without lifting a finger.

After you’ve gotten this Health Hack down, we will talk about… exercise.

If you’ve benefited from this post and would like more, click here for more Health Hacks by Dr Barry Marks. Just enter “Health Hacks” as the message


Good, Better, Best

Good, Better, Best  of Chiropractic

good better best of chiropractic

There’s this myth, I’m sure you’ve heard it before, that “once you start going to a chiropractor, you always have to go.”

The reasoning usually goes something like this, “because once your spine is moved, it will always need to be moved” or that “chiropractic adjustments are addicting” or that “a chiropractor can move a bone ‘out of place’ to make sure you need to come back.”

Of course this is all untrue.

Yes, as in every profession or occupation, there are those pigs that feed at the trough and pitch you on unnecessary services or products, but for the most part, chiropractors are like any other service provider; they want to serve your needs, make you happy and hope that you will return when you need to and refer others.

Many people may get the wrong impression and think they will get hooked into endless chiropractic treatments because the doctor failed to present how chiropractic works or what your particular options were. Many great doctors also happen to be lousy communicators.  So they may look at your condition and only tell you what the absolute worst case scenario is so they propose a lengthy (and costly) plan. If you’ve never been to a chiropractor, how can you tell if your condition needs 1 visit or 100?

Here’s my Good, Better, Best of Chiropractic care

My analogy of how you may choose to use my chiropractic services is based on what you see online or in stores often now; “Good, Better, Best.” This method of telling you the relative quality of the product or service allows you, the consumer, to decide which is best for you at that time. We don’t always need the “best” hammer if we only smack and bend nails occasionally in our home, but a professional roofing contractor definitely does.

chiropractic good better best treatment

chiropractic is good

Good is treatment that you request to relieve an immediate problem or pain. What you need is not to have pain so you can take care of the kids, exercise or go to work. This treatment is called “Relief Care” because the sole purpose is short term relief of symptoms. It can take 1 visit or a handful, but it is short term.

Better treatment would be to once you get out of pain, you work chiropractic is betterwith your doctor of chiropractic to improve your spinal strength and general fitness level to actually fix the problems that may be the cause of recurrent bouts of pain whenever you over do it. This is “Repair or Rehab Care” and depending on how bad your spine is, how long it’s been damaged, it can take from a few months to a year.

The Best chiropractic treatment is a step beyond Good and Best, chiropractic is bestno longer are you dealing with pain, now your focus is on maintaining your spine in proper working order so that your entire body can function as well as possible. “Wellness Care” is delivered on an individual basis depending on lifestyle and any permanent problems like arthritis, disc disease, etc that may exist, most commonly you will be seen 1-2 times per month.

The Most Important Thing to Understand is That it is Up to YOU to Decide Which Care is Most Appropriate for You at the Time You are Requesting Care

A doctor’s job, my job as your chiropractor, is to discover what is wrong with you that is causing your immediate health problem. Along the way to discovering that I will find other things such as your weight, your diet, exercise routines, alcohol or tobacco consumption, stress level, etc that are major factors in your overall well-being. My job is then to report to you all I have found and give you treatment options from which to choose. It’s non of my business whether you choose Good, Better or Best, it’s your health and it’s your choice. Not everyone is ready to drop 10 lbs or stop smoking at the moment they wrench their low back and can’t stand straight. At that moment Good is probably all you can deal with. Maybe after the pain subsides, you can think about it and you may change your mind. Or not. Again, it’s your choice.

In fact, there is only one choice that I cannot condone and that is chiropractic not a bad choice“Bad.” A bad choice would be to do nothing at all. Sitting at home and suffering is bad for you, your family and your overall health and well-being. Many spinal problems worsen over time if left alone. So if you are suffering, but choose not to get treated, don’t complain to your spouse, friends or family because it is up to you to get help.

The amount and extent of chiropractic treatment you receive should always be up to you, the patient. Nobody else can make that decision for you. Of course you must be in an environment where a doctor informs you of your condition and offers you options from which to choose. That’s where the “Best” chiropractors stand out from the good ones.

If you have questions please call our office at (714) 938-0575. A complete first visit including consult, exam and first treatment is only $49





5 Star Chiropractor Orange CA 92868

5 Star Chiropractor Orange CA 92868

5 star chiropractor orange ca dr barry marks

Looking for a reputable chiropractor in Orange, CA?

Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor Orange, California is a 5 Star Chiropractor in Google, Yelp, Facebook and others. Check the Reviews for Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor.

chiropractor google plus 5 star reviewschiropractor 5 star yelp reviewschiropractor 5 satr review on facebook

Reviews Are Helpful, But Not the Only Way to Judge a Doctor

Reviews are one way to judge a chiropractor along with years of experience, special training, expertise in a certain area, recognized by peers as an authority, etc.

In practice since 1986

Extensive Post-Doctorate Training in Whiplash, Brain Injury, Orthopedics, MRI, Functional Neurology and more

Former Associate Clinical Professor at a Leading Chiropractic College

Lectured to Fellow Doctors and Lawyers on Disc Injury, Car Accidents
and Personal Injury Management

Authored books on Low Back Pain, Headaches, Stress Reduction

Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor
1745 W Orangewood Ave #114
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 938-0575




Car Accident Doctor Orange County California 92868

Car Accident Doctor Orange County California 92868

Car Accident Doctor Orange County California 92868

The best, most experienced, well trained car accident doctor in Orange County California is Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor with over 30 years experience and hundreds of hours in post-doctorate specialty training specifically in whiplash and brain injury. You cannot find a more experienced and credentialed doctor for a car accident injury than Dr. Marks.



Find Chiropractor Near Me 92868

Trying to Find a Chiropractor Near Orange, CA 92868?

Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor is located in Orange, CA near the 57 freeway on Orangewood Ave at the corner of Poplar in the Orangewood Business Plaza. Dr. Marks’ Orange chiropractic office is easily accessed from all over Orange County. The actual address is 1745 W. Orangewood Ave #114, Orange, CA 92868.

If you live in the zip codes of 92866, 92868, 92701, 92703, 92706, 92840, 92843, 92802, 92805, 92780, 92867 you are within a few minutes of Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor.

Residents of 92704, 92707, 92708, 92683, 92841, 92804, 92831, 92870, 92807, 92867, 92869, 92705, 92606 can drive to Orange Chiropractor Dr Marks in 15 minutes or less.

A chiropractor near where you live or work is very convenient. For many people they find that a 15 minute drive is very manageable to see a good chiropractor. Many of Dr. Marks’ patients drive from even further. Because Dr. Marks is a specialist in car accident injuries including whiplash, brain injury and concussion, patients routinely drive from all over Orange County, LA County and Riverside County to receive his expert care.

dr barry marks chiropractor orange 92868Dr. Marks has provided affordable, safe and effective chiropractic pain relief treatment to all residents of Orange County since 1986. The more common conditions he treats are:

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Arm or leg pain, numbness
  • Whiplash, car accident injuries
  • Concussion, MTBI
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Carpal Tunnel

Contact info for Chiropractor Barry Marks, DC

Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor
1745 W Orangewood Ave #114
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 938-0575



Inflammation: The Root of Many Diseases

Inflammation: The Root of Many Diseases

inflammation root of disease

Inflammation is actually a normal, vital function of our bodies. The problem is when our body responds with too much inflammation at inappropriate times and leads to many diseases.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is a response by your body’s immune system to activate blood cells to neutralize a foreign invader such as bacteria, virus, foreign body, etc. The inflammatory process is also used in wound healing such as after a strain of a muscle or sprain of a ligament. White blood cells set off a complex chemical sequence that begins the process of identifying the problem and sending immune fighters to the area to neutralize the threat. Inflammation results in increased blood flow to the affected area making it red, hot and swollen. The mechanical presence of extra fluids in an area can make a joint not move well. It can also put pressure on nerves and causing them to malfunction.

Inflammation Can Be Widespread

It’s easy to see that if a bacteria enters a cut in your hand that the inflammation process will begin to protect you as part of your immune system. It is also understandable to have painful swollen joints in arthritis as joint tissue becomes inflamed. Inflammation can also occur as a key part of coronary artery disease (inflammation of blood vessels and clot formation) fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, concussion, digestive problems, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, early aging and more.

Inflammation Index or Inflammation Factor (IF)

A healthy inflammatory response is good; it keeps us healthy and free of diseases. However, our body can over do it.   Too aggressive an inflammatory response can lead to more damage and illness than the condition that started the process. Each individual has a resting inflammation index or inflammation factor (IF) that dictates how inflamed we will become in circumstances that trigger inflammation. Too high is a problem and can occur due to many factors.

Stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, the wrong types of foods, unresolved physical injuries, past use of antibiotics, excessive alcohol and tobacco use can all cause our resting inflammation index to be set too high. In the presence of a “trigger” our body not only kicks in inflammation, it sets off a huge, exaggerated response.

Foods are crucial to inflammatory status. Certain foods naturally promote more inflammation, while others tend to reduce inflammation. A lack of balance between these foods can lead to a high IF. For people with known inflammatory conditions already like arthritis or an injury, avoidance of high IF (pro-inflammatory) foods is best. For people with no known inflammatory disease or illness then low to moderate intake of high IF foods should be acceptable. In general, eating as many anti-inflammatory foods or supplements  daily will lead to better health.

Basic Anti-Inflammatory Detox Diet

Try this plan for 30-60 days to lower your inflammation index quickly. Some people may find this diet is good for an everyday lifestyle and I think it is truly ideal for good health.

What to eat: Reduces Inflammation:

  • Lean meats (Chicken, fish, turkey)
  • Vegetables
  • “Breads” made of almond or coconut flour
  • Fruits
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Berries
  • Water

What to avoid: Increases Inflammation

  • Red meat
  • Dairy
  • Breads and Grains
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Sugar
  • Nightshade vegetables (potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, more)

Supplement this diet with a nutritional product that promotes healing from inflammation. I recommend Apex Energetics’ ClearVite. It is a nutritional supplement drink that gives very good basic nutrients, as well as improves gut function and fights inflammation. Contact us for ClearVite info.

A nice site I found that is all about inflammation and how to manage it with diet has an IF checker for common foods is located here: They also have an app for iOS and Android and other resources. In general when using their checker, stay with foods that have positive numbers (fight inflammation) and avoid foods with negative numbers (promotes inflammation)

Who Can Benefit from a Low Inflammation Diet?

  • Anyone who wants to live healthier
  • Anyone who wants to lower their risk of heart disease, cancer, premature aging, etc
  • Anyone who has sensitivities or allergies to foods
  • Anyone who more than occasionally gets indigestion, heartburn, bloating, gas, irritable stomach, etc
  • Anyone who has had a head injury/concussion recently or has lingering affects from one
  • Anyone who has suffered a traumatic injury: car accident, sports injury
  • Anyone with arthritis; osteo or rheumatoid
  • Anyone with memory issues or difficulty thinking (brain fog)
  • Anyone with chronic illness such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, EBV, diabetes
  • Anyone with poor energy levels or just feel crummy all the time

Need help? Have concerns or questions about inflammation? Call me at (714) 938-0575  and we can set a time to discuss your concerns and see what type of individualized plan can help you get your health back.



Car Crash Speeds: Injuries Occur at Low Speeds.

Car Crash Speeds: Injuries Occur at Surprisingly Low Speeds.

low car crash speeds cause injuryCar Accident Speeds Can Be Hard to Determine and Most People Have No Clue What a Particular Speed Looks Like or What a Collision at any Given Speed Results In

Live human crash studies have shown that the human neck can be injured with a head velocity of 2.5 mph.  It does not take much of a crash to get the head to achieve that number. In fact, researchers show that the average collision that causes injury is 12 mph. At 12 mph it is doubtful you will see much damage to your vehicle, but when you are in a vehicle that is struck at 12 mph you will have no doubt you were hit.

When I consult with patients and tell them they were involved in a high speed crash because I think the other vehicle hit them at about 25 mph they laugh. Not because I say high speed, because they definitely “feel” it was because they have head and neck pain and I just showed them x-rays that reveal torn ligaments. They laugh because I say 25 mph is “high speed.” They say “it must’ve been 40 or 50 at least.”

The fact is, cars get pretty mangled at speeds over 25 mph. At 40 mph many cars are totally destroyed. The thing to keep in mind is, the person that endured a 25 mph crash with extensive vehicle damage, may have had less g-force to their neck than someone hit at 16 mph.

“How can that be?” you ask. The answer is simple: crush.

If two cars collide and they both suffer vehicle damage: crushed plastic, bent metal, folding parts that all dissipates kinetic energy of the crash resulting in less energy to the occupant. If neither car deforms then more energy is left over to affect the occupant. Lower speed collisions involve little vehicle damage and relatively higher bodily injury. A Japanese study showed that crash victims were more likely to require prolonged treatment and had higher complication rate if their vehicle showed no damage as a opposed to those suffering a vehicle that was a total loss. The study showed that with higher vehicle damages, less treatment was required.

The biggest predictors of injury are angle of impact (rear-end impact is worst), awareness, bumper alignment, head restraint position, occupant posture, occupant gender, size and health.

With that said, here are some examples of crashes at 5 mph, 7 mph, 9 mph and 11 mph. These are examples of well aligned bumpers that give maximum protection. Note the dummy’s head movement and the body movement after the head has hit the head restraint. Also note the lack of vehicle damage. The videos may surprise you.

Each of the above collisions have the potential to cause injury to the occupant despite the lack of vehicle damage. A general rule I use when investigating a collision is that if there is obvious vehicle damage in a rear-end impact, the speed must have exceeded 10 mph. That is based on studies that showed the speeds required to cause any damage on a rear bumper. Most vehicles studied did not show damage below 10 mph, many cars required 12 mph and some as high as 20 mph.

If you see a crash on the side of the freeway and the struck car looks really bad, you may think the collision was at a very high rate of speed. Consider the following video which shows what 2 cars look like after a 24 mph rear impact auto collision.

If you saw these cars or worse, you were in the silver one, you’d be shocked to find it was “only” 24 mph. You’d also be shocked to learn that the occupant change in velocity was 13 mph. Recall that the human threshold for injury is 2.5 mph velocity. So this 24 mph collision caused a force to the occupant 5 times (500%) greater than the minimum needed to cause injury. A slow speed crash of only 11 mph in which no vehicle crush is observed could render a velocity of 5 mph to the occupant; definitely enough to cause an injury. Low speed crashes do cause injuries.

No matter the speed, if you suffered a car collision and have questions or have pain, call me (714) 938-0575. I’m Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor, and I have been specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of car accident injuries since 1986 and have extensive experience and training in this field. I can help you not only get better, but also assist you in filing your claim and knowing what to do.




Neck Pain Relief Orange County

Neck Pain Relief Orange County, CA

Neck pain relief Orange County
April 2016
Orange, CA

Suffering from neck pain? Having difficulty reading, working on the computer or just lying in bed?

You’re not alone.

Neck pain is a very common and painful condition.

Most people will suffer from neck pain in their lives. From a painful stiff neck when you wake up or an injury from a car accident, neck pain comes from many sources.

The neck has a very difficult job. Compared to the rest of your spine, it is relatively thin and because we need it to do many things, it is usually quite flexible. Being thin and very flexible makes it amazing that it can hold your head up! The average head weighs around 11 pounds; the weight of a small bowling ball, yet your neck is capable of not only holding it up, but can allow it to turn, bend and move with seemingly little effort.

But what happens when your neck is not working right?

Your bowling ball-sized head becomes very heavy and you struggle to keep it up, or sometimes you may lose the ability to turn your neck completely. Malfunction within the neck can also be very painful. As your neck joints struggle to do their job, the muscles, joints and nerves can send out distress signals which you interpret as pain.

The most common causes of neck pain

  • Over-exertion; lifting, straining, etc
  • Vertebral subluxations; bones become misaligned and stuck
  • Chronic poor posture or postural strain; working on a computer, playing video games, etc
  • Injuries and accidents; car accidents, sports injuries, slips and falls, etc
  • Arthritis; years of abuse or injury can cause the joints to become damaged and wear down
  • Degenerative disc disease; past injuries and postural stress can cause the spacers between the bones to break down
  • Herniated discs; injuries can cause the disc to tear and push outward compressing nerves

How to Get Neck Pain Relief

First you must identify what is causing the neck pain. Not all conditions are treated the same. Once the cause is known, a plan to initially relieve muscles spasm, inflammation and joint misalignment is used. Chiropractic spinal adjustments are very effective at unlocking stuck joints. The pain relief can be almost instantaneous in many cases. Therapy modalities like heat, ice and electrical stimulation can help reduce muscle spasm and drive out inflammation within the spine. Deep massage or trigger point therapy may be used to release tender knots that can develop in the muscles over time.

Once you are out of acute distress, your chiropractor can then show you exercises to improve motion in your spine and also to strengthen muscles to prevent relapses of neck pain. You may also be taught special home treatments like gravity assisted traction or given a neck traction device if the shape of your neck curve was found to be wrong.

How quickly you respond to neck pain treatment depends on how long you have had your condition and how severe it is. Sometimes a very acutely painful neck is relieved after only 1 or 2 visits. Other times, like due to car accidents or sports injuries it can take longer as ligaments need to heal and the normal mechanics of the neck need to be resorted. Most doctors will agree the fastest way to get neck pain relief is to follow your doctor’s recommendations, do your exercises and home care when given and do not aggravate your neck by going back to the activities that caused your pain too soon.

Orange County Neck Pain Relief

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor, Author and Lecturer has been providing gentle, safe and effective chiropractic pain relief treatment since 1986. He has the training and experience to find your neck problem and provide treatment that will provide the much needed neck pain relief you’ve been looking for.

If you are suffering from neck pain, call now (714) 938-0575

to set an appointment to meet with Dr Marks and find out what’s causing your neck pain and the steps it will take to get better. Call soon before your neck pain gets worse.


Who Else Wants Chiropractic Treatment at 1986 Prices?

Who Else Wants Chiropractic Treatment at 1986 Prices?

dr barry marks chiropractor 30 years

Dr Marks is celebrating his 30th year in chiropractic practice in April 2016 and to commemorate the milestone, he is offering cash visits at only $30.

“When I first opened the doors of my practice on Bristol St in Santa Ana’s Floral Park neighborhood, I charged $30 per visit and now I will do the same during my April anniversary month” says Dr. Marks

What’s better than $30 Chiropractic visits?

You can buy as many visits up front as you want, at only $30 during April and the visits are good any time and never expire! The only limitation is they must be bought in April 2016 and cannot be used for MediCare or Personal Injury case visits.

Refer a Friend for Their First Visit at Only $30
Send your family and friends this email and they can receive their fist exam, x-rays and treatment for only $30 and any other visits in April for only $30.

For Chiropractic at 1986 Prices, Call (714) 938-0575 and mention “Anniversary” to get your special pricing.