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Chiropractic Pain Relief Treatment Orange County

Chiropractic Pain Relief Treatment Orange County

Chiropractic Pain Relief Treatment Orange County

chiropractic pain relief treatment

Chiropractic Pain Relief Treatment
Orange, CA

Chiropractic is heralded by many to help with many different health issues, but pain relief may be the most important.

Pain is a problem that afflicts everyone at one point or another in our lives. And while you’d think there are many ways to relieve pain, you’d be surprised to learn that because pain is so misunderstood and such a difficult medical problem to solve,  many people suffer chronic disabling pain each and every day.

There are different types of pain and obviously multiple sources of pain. Entire books are written on pain; pain management is an entire medical specialty. So if there is such a focus on pain, why do people continue to suffer?

The problem with many pain treatments is that they are directed at the pain–and not the source or cause of the pain.

If all your pain treatment consists of is masking or covering up the symptoms of pain: medication, local lotions, shots, etc then the pain may very well continue because the pain source has not been dealt with. Successful pain relief treatment not only attempts to extinguish the pain sensation, it must also eradicate whatever is underlying causing the pain to begin with.

Chiropractic treatment is concerned with removing the cause of pain.

The entire philosophy and practice of chiropractic is premised on removing interference from your spine that may be causing pain or disease. When the cause is corrected, the pain and malfunction subsides.  This is what makes chiropractic pain relief treatment unique and why it is so effective.  Of course while the source of pain is being corrected, which can take some time to unravel, other treatments, adjunctive treatments, may also be used to help speed the recovery and relive you of your pain more quickly.  Therapy modalities such as heat, ice, electrical stimulation, cold laser, muscle work and exercises are helpful to combine with chiropractic spinal adjustments for pain relief.

The consequences of chronic pain?

The problem with pain over a long period of time (longer than 3 months) is that your brain and nervous system actually begin to rewire themselves. People who suffer pain after 3 months, are prone to more pain as the nervous system becomes more sensitive to pain. You muscles may also contract and contort to hold your joints in a less painful position that may lead to further malfunction and yes, more pain. Being in constant pain is also bad for you in otehr ways. It can cause depression and anxiety, can elevate your blood pressure, alter your blood sugar, cause loss of sleep, and more.  So, if you are experiencing pain, it is for the best that you do something about it, sooner rather than later.

If you’ve been suffering from pain because no other treatments have helped, call our office (714) 938-0575.

Often we can get down to the source of your pain and develop a personalized treatment plan to relieve your pain quickly and affordably. Some very painful and longstanding painful conditions can be relieved in a handful of visits, some take longer, but the only way to know if you can be helped is by showing up and getting checked.

To make it even easier to find pain relief, we are offering a special for new patients:

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Your entire first visit: consult, pain relief exam and first treatment for only $49, regularly $125. We accept most PPO’s and most major credit cards.