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Neck Pain Relief Orange County

Neck Pain Relief Orange County

Neck Pain Relief Orange County, CA

Neck pain relief Orange County
April 2016
Orange, CA

Suffering from neck pain? Having difficulty reading, working on the computer or just lying in bed?

You’re not alone.

Neck pain is a very common and painful condition.

Most people will suffer from neck pain in their lives. From a painful stiff neck when you wake up or an injury from a car accident, neck pain comes from many sources.

The neck has a very difficult job. Compared to the rest of your spine, it is relatively thin and because we need it to do many things, it is usually quite flexible. Being thin and very flexible makes it amazing that it can hold your head up! The average head weighs around 11 pounds; the weight of a small bowling ball, yet your neck is capable of not only holding it up, but can allow it to turn, bend and move with seemingly little effort.

But what happens when your neck is not working right?

Your bowling ball-sized head becomes very heavy and you struggle to keep it up, or sometimes you may lose the ability to turn your neck completely. Malfunction within the neck can also be very painful. As your neck joints struggle to do their job, the muscles, joints and nerves can send out distress signals which you interpret as pain.

The most common causes of neck pain

  • Over-exertion; lifting, straining, etc
  • Vertebral subluxations; bones become misaligned and stuck
  • Chronic poor posture or postural strain; working on a computer, playing video games, etc
  • Injuries and accidents; car accidents, sports injuries, slips and falls, etc
  • Arthritis; years of abuse or injury can cause the joints to become damaged and wear down
  • Degenerative disc disease; past injuries and postural stress can cause the spacers between the bones to break down
  • Herniated discs; injuries can cause the disc to tear and push outward compressing nerves

How to Get Neck Pain Relief

First you must identify what is causing the neck pain. Not all conditions are treated the same. Once the cause is known, a plan to initially relieve muscles spasm, inflammation and joint misalignment is used. Chiropractic spinal adjustments are very effective at unlocking stuck joints. The pain relief can be almost instantaneous in many cases. Therapy modalities like heat, ice and electrical stimulation can help reduce muscle spasm and drive out inflammation within the spine. Deep massage or trigger point therapy may be used to release tender knots that can develop in the muscles over time.

Once you are out of acute distress, your chiropractor can then show you exercises to improve motion in your spine and also to strengthen muscles to prevent relapses of neck pain. You may also be taught special home treatments like gravity assisted traction or given a neck traction device if the shape of your neck curve was found to be wrong.

How quickly you respond to neck pain treatment depends on how long you have had your condition and how severe it is. Sometimes a very acutely painful neck is relieved after only 1 or 2 visits. Other times, like due to car accidents or sports injuries it can take longer as ligaments need to heal and the normal mechanics of the neck need to be resorted. Most doctors will agree the fastest way to get neck pain relief is to follow your doctor’s recommendations, do your exercises and home care when given and do not aggravate your neck by going back to the activities that caused your pain too soon.

Orange County Neck Pain Relief

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor, Author and Lecturer has been providing gentle, safe and effective chiropractic pain relief treatment since 1986. He has the training and experience to find your neck problem and provide treatment that will provide the much needed neck pain relief you’ve been looking for.

If you are suffering from neck pain, call now (714) 938-0575

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