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Simple Health Tips

Simple Health Tips

Simple Health Tips

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The January Get Fit, Get Healthy Craze is Here…
But for many, the thought of going to the gym, starting a diet, changing lifestyles prevents taking action

Here are some simple Health Tips to get you started.

After implementing just a few simple tasks as part of your daily routine, you will be healthier and feel better.

*Sleep 5+ Hours Each Night*

Pick a day during the week for an extra 1-2 hrs of sleeping in

*Drink Water 5x each Day*

Breakfast, Morning Break, Lunch, Afternoon Break, Dinner

*Exercise 15 min each Day*

A simple walk around the block at home or office, easy exercises in the office, a hike, a bike ride, a swim, hand held weights, resistance bands, etc

What to expect after a month?
Done daily, this routine will then become a natural part of your life. It will seem easy and you will likely want to do more challenging things. Great!

Your resting heart rate will be lower, your blood pressure will be lower, you will sleep better, you will have more energy, you may feel less depressed, you will lose 3-10 lbs and more.

START NOW: Go get a drink of water…