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Car Accident? You Have 72 Hrs to Get This Done

Car Accident? You Have 72 Hrs to Get This Done

72 hours to report car accidentWhat to do within 72 hours of your car accident

Auto insurance computers are set to tell the adjuster how much treatment you should have and ultimately how much your case is worth. Many factors are inputted to arrive at the final report.

An important early factor to consider is how long after the accident did you wait to seek medical attention?

The computer systems are designed to diminish your case if the answer is beyond 72 hours. That’s not a lot of time. What if you’re hit on a Friday and your doctor cannot see you until Tuesday? Too bad. To a computer, numbers are numbers and your case will likely be diminished at offer time.

Of course there are many factors that go into a case, but the 72 hour one is important to know because it’s the only one that is immediately time sensitive. Therefore, to avoid running afoul of this important car accident factor,

You Should See A Doctor Within 72 Hrs of Your Car Accident

Which Doctor to See After a Car Accident?

Dr. Barry Marks, Chiropractor and Car Accident Specialist in Orange County, California.
Dr. Marks has post-doctorate specialty training specifically in car accident whiplash and brain trauma, auto crash reconstruction, orthopedics, disability evaluation, MRI interpretation, and more. He has successfully treated thousands of Orange County car accident victims in his career since 1986.