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Chiropractor Orange CA Headache Book

Chiropractor Orange CA Headache Book

5 Common Causes of Headaches, 3 Steps to Relief

Headache book kindle edition

Dr Barry Marks, chiropractor Orange, CA releases Amazon Kindle version of his popular headache book.

Subtitled, Your Step-by-Step Guide to Diagnose and Eliminate Your Headaches Once and For All, Dr. Marks reveals information headache sufferers may be surprised to learn and a proven 3 step plan to eliminate headaches.

  • The 5 Most Common Headache Types
  • Headache Checklists to See Which Headache(s) You Have
  • What Most Doctors Overlook About Headaches
  • A Proven 3 Step Plan That Works

This is a revised 2016 edition formatted for the popular Kindle and can also be viewed on other eReaders available free at Amazon.

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Orange County Headache Relief Book

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