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Electrical Stimulation Therapy for Pain Relief

Electrical Stimulation Therapy for Pain Relief

Electrical Stimulation Therapy for Pain Relief

Electrical Stimulation Therapy and Chiropractic Electrical stimulation therapy for pain relief

As part of your chiropractic treatment, you may also receive electrical stimulation therapy. There are various forms of this therapy for specific conditions. Dr. Marks uses therapy units that are capable of emitting different types of therapies from one machine, enabling him to provide whichever type of treatment is most beneficial for your particular problem.

The two most important functions of electrical therapy are:

Pain relief
Relief of muscle spasm

Additionally this therapy can also help with:

Remove swelling and edema
Relief of inflammation
Relief of nerve pain and restoral of normal nerve function
Muscle conditioning/strengthening

The Type of Electrical Therapy Equipment Matters

Electrical stimulation therapy for pain relief. The electrical stimulation used by Dr Marks’ chiropractic office is vastly different than the home therapy you may see around and often an advancement over what many other chiropractors use. Using equipment designed by the world’s leading manufacturers and pioneers in electrical therapy, Dr Marks provides the most effective therapy available today to relieve pain and spasm quickly and painlessly.

Some chiropractors and physical therapists use low end units that are basically battery operated and lack the power to effectively handle many painful problems.

Why Use Electrical Stimulation with Chiropractic Adjustments?

Others may not use these therapies at all, maintaining that with adjustments or exercises the problem will eventually get better and the pain will go away. They practice this way because they truly believe adjusting or exercising is the only way. Others do not use these therapies because it is time consuming, costs money to equip the office, takes up space, and many more reasons.

There is a major clinical problem with this approach. If you are injured as in a car accident, sports injury or exertion at home, you have injured tissues that are inflamed and causing pain. Adjusting the spine will “eventually” help reduce pain in the long term, but why suffer any longer than you need to? Why not get an adjustment AND receive therapy that can speed the healing process and reduce pain more quickly? Beginning aggressive exercises too early after an injury can cause undue pain and actually prolong your condition. It’s just humane to relieve as much pain as possible as quickly as possible.

As a chiropractor since 1986, Dr Barry Marks firmly believes in chiropractic principles and the power of a chiropractic spinal adjustment. It is the cornerstone of why chiropractic is much more effective at relief of back and neck pain, whiplash and headaches than any other methods. Patients who suffer chronic misalignment or postural issues or enjoy maintaining their health with chiropractic, can easily and painlessly be adjusted without adjunctive therapies like electrical stimulation. For cases where there is significant spasm and/or inflammation however, these additional therapies make the experience much nicer and provides relief faster.

Dr. Marks’ multi-faceted approach of physio therapy modalities, exercises and chiropractic adjustments is a proven method to relieve your pain fast.

What’s Involved with Electrical Stim Treatment?

Most patients enjoy the feeling and describe it as an “electrical massage.” Rubberized pads (electrodes) are moistened with an antibacterial solution and placed around the painful area. Moist heat is often also implemented via a hot pack. You lie down and the machine is slowly turned up. At first you will a light tingling sensation and as the current increases you will feel your muscles move and pulse. The effect is your muscles feel like someone is actually working them like a massage. The intensity is always set by the doctor or therapist with the feedback from the individual patient to maintain a comfortable treatment. After approximately 10-15 minutes the treatment is done. You may feel a light tingling sensation linger for a few minutes after, you will also often feel less pain and stiffness even after only 1 session. The physiologic effects of electrical stim lasts up to 18 hours and for acute pain it is often prescribed 3x each week.

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