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Flat Neck? 3 Steps to Get Your Curve Back

Flat Neck? 3 Steps to Get Your Curve Back


Flat Neck? 3 Steps to Get Your Curve Back

how to restore neck curve

If you’ve been told you have a flat or “military” neck, it means that you have lost normal neck curvethe natural curve of your neck.

The neck, called the cervical spine, is supposed to indent in the back of your neck and bow out towards your chin. This is called a “lordosis.” A lordotic curve is the natural configuration of your neck and your lower back (lumbar spine).

“But how did I lose my neck curve?”

Over 90% of people who have lost their cervical lordosis have done so due to trauma. Accidents such as car collisions, a blow to the head, a slip and fall, etc can cause the hypolordosis loss of neck curveligaments in your neck to become weakened and allows the neck to straighten out. Of the people who have a flat neck, called hypolordosis, not caused by trauma, it is from prolonged poor posture or from birth (which many doctors will argue was a traumatic event if it was a vaginal delivery)

“So how do I get my curve back?”

There are not very many doctors out there who are well versed in this area. Medical doctors may remark about your “military” neck on x-rays but they will never offer any practical or useful advice on how to fix it. Probably the majority of chiropractors will recognize it as a problem, but not actually know how to systematically improve it.

We employ 3 basic exercises to improve neck curve with great success

  1. Head translation exercises to help the upper neck become more flexible
  2. Neck extension exercises to make the muscles on the back of the neck become stronger and pull the head back
  3. Gravity assisted or active traction to stretch the tight muscle in front and shape the neck around a firm “mold.”

If you would like a Free eBook with detailed pictures and explanations, select the link to download the “How to Restore My Neck Curve” pdf file. There are no sign-ups or info to share. Simply download the ebook and follow the directions. Share it with a friend who may have a flat neck after a car accident or injury. The exercises are also good for computer users to relax the neck after a long day of screen gazing.

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