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Good, Better, Best

Good, Better, Best

Good, Better, Best  of Chiropractic

good better best of chiropractic

There’s this myth, I’m sure you’ve heard it before, that “once you start going to a chiropractor, you always have to go.”

The reasoning usually goes something like this, “because once your spine is moved, it will always need to be moved” or that “chiropractic adjustments are addicting” or that “a chiropractor can move a bone ‘out of place’ to make sure you need to come back.”

Of course this is all untrue.

Yes, as in every profession or occupation, there are those pigs that feed at the trough and pitch you on unnecessary services or products, but for the most part, chiropractors are like any other service provider; they want to serve your needs, make you happy and hope that you will return when you need to and refer others.

Many people may get the wrong impression and think they will get hooked into endless chiropractic treatments because the doctor failed to present how chiropractic works or what your particular options were. Many great doctors also happen to be lousy communicators.¬† So they may look at your condition and only tell you what the absolute worst case scenario is so they propose a lengthy (and costly) plan. If you’ve never been to a chiropractor, how can you tell if your condition needs 1 visit or 100?

Here’s my Good, Better, Best of Chiropractic care

My analogy of how you may choose to use my chiropractic services is based on what you see online or in stores often now; “Good, Better, Best.” This method of telling you the relative quality of the product or service allows you, the consumer, to decide which is best for you at that time. We don’t always need the “best” hammer if we only smack and bend nails occasionally in our home, but a professional roofing contractor definitely does.

chiropractic good better best treatment

chiropractic is good

Good is treatment that you request to relieve an immediate problem or pain. What you need is not to have pain so you can take care of the kids, exercise or go to work. This treatment is called “Relief Care” because the sole purpose is short term relief of symptoms. It can take 1 visit or a handful, but it is short term.

Better treatment would be to once you get out of pain, you work chiropractic is betterwith your doctor of chiropractic to improve your spinal strength and general fitness level to actually fix the problems that may be the cause of recurrent bouts of pain whenever you over do it. This is “Repair or Rehab Care” and depending on how bad your spine is, how long it’s been damaged, it can take from a few months to a year.

The Best chiropractic treatment is a step beyond Good and Best, chiropractic is bestno longer are you dealing with pain, now your focus is on maintaining your spine in proper working order so that your entire body can function as well as possible. “Wellness Care” is delivered on an individual basis depending on lifestyle and any permanent problems like arthritis, disc disease, etc that may exist, most commonly you will be seen 1-2 times per month.

The Most Important Thing to Understand is That it is Up to YOU to Decide Which Care is Most Appropriate for You at the Time You are Requesting Care

A doctor’s job, my job as your chiropractor, is to discover what is wrong with you that is causing your immediate health problem. Along the way to discovering that I will find other things such as your weight, your diet, exercise routines, alcohol or tobacco consumption, stress level, etc that are major factors in your overall well-being. My job is then to report to you all I have found and give you treatment options from which to choose. It’s non of my business whether you choose Good, Better or Best, it’s your health and it’s your choice. Not everyone is ready to drop 10 lbs or stop smoking at the moment they wrench their low back and can’t stand straight. At that moment Good is probably all you can deal with. Maybe after the pain subsides, you can think about it and you may change your mind. Or not. Again, it’s your choice.

In fact, there is only one choice that I cannot condone and that is chiropractic not a bad choice“Bad.” A bad choice would be to do nothing at all. Sitting at home and suffering is bad for you, your family and your overall health and well-being. Many spinal problems worsen over time if left alone. So if you are suffering, but choose not to get treated, don’t complain to your spouse, friends or family because it is up to you to get help.

The amount and extent of chiropractic treatment you receive should always be up to you, the patient. Nobody else can make that decision for you. Of course you must be in an environment where a doctor informs you of your condition and offers you options from which to choose. That’s where the “Best” chiropractors stand out from the good ones.

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