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Headache Relief Orange County CA


Headache Relief in Orange County, CA

headache relief orange county ca

Orange County Headache Doctor

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Orange, CA is a leading expert on headaches. Dr. Marks has practiced chiropractic in Orange County, CA since 1986. After graduating, he enrolled in Post-Doctorate specialty training in Orthopedics from 1986 through 1989. Dr. Marks is a former Associate Clinical Professor at a leading Chiropractic College and is the author of “5 Common Causes of Headaches: 3 Steps to Relief.” His headache book that has helped many headache sufferers diagnose their particular headache type and learn how to manage their headaches better.

Causes of Headaches

There are many causes of headaches. Some of the symptoms associated with particular headache type can overlap with another type, making a clear diagnosis difficult. Also confusing is that you may have more than one type of headache simultaneously.

The basic headache types are:

  • > Tension type headache, named after it’s origin, tension within the muscles of the head and neck
  • > Cervicogenic headache, which is head pain referred from a malfunction in the neck
  • > Migraine headache, a headache that stems from altered blood flow to the brain
  • > Cluster headache, a severe stabbing pain caused by chemical imbalances

These are just the most common types of headaches, known as “primary” headaches, which means the headache is the primary medical condition. “Secondary” headaches would be pain in the head that is caused by another identified medical condition such as infection, hypertension, tumor, etc

Headache Relief

Each type of headache requires a different type of treatment to relieve the pain and prevent future flare-ups. However, the fact is approximately 90% of all headaches fall within the Tension and Cervicogenic headache types. And of these a great percentage have a common factor among them: alteration in the alignment of the neck.

The normal neck posture is a backwards “C” shape. In this position your muscles are relaxed and workign just enough to keep your head in place on your neck. The nerves have plenty of room and no stress on them. When this curve is changed, problems emerge. After a car accident, a slip and fall, a sports injury or occasionally just due to prolonged poor neck posture, the neck curve flattens. When it does, the msucles become imbalanced from front to back and may go into spasm trying to leverage the neck back in place. This can cause a tension headache. With the neck alignment altered, the joints now do not line up properly and nerve sensors inside will fire off signals to the head and you will perceive that as a cervicogenic headache. An altered neck curve will also cause stretching of the nerves in the neck which can refer pain back up to head as well.

Relief of these headaches comes from calming spasming muscles and loosening the locked up joints. Heat, electrical muscle stimulation, cold laser and chiropractic manual adjustments are commonly used. Home applications of heat, ice and exercises are also important. For long term relief and prevention, it is crucial to correct the altered neck curve. If not, the headaches will continue to surface over and over. This can be done through treatments in the office and home to train the spine to maintain the proper positioning. Much like an orthodontist will apply braces to correct crooked teeth, your chiropractor will perform periodic adjustments to your neck, while you do daily “molding” exercises to your neck. Over time, your neck curve will be restored and your headaches should be in the past.

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