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Headaches and Neck Pain: Causes and Cures

Headaches and Neck Pain: Causes and Cures

Suffering from headaches or neck pain? Keep making trips to the doctor and taking drugs, with absolutely no relief at all?

You’re not alone.

headache neck pain reliefMany head and neck ache sufferers chronically feel pain. Various treatment methods are used and yet relief is still elusive. The problem may be that an underlying cause of you’re headaches and neck pain is simply being overlooked. And that once that root cause is discovered and dealt with, your head and neck pain will finally go away.

Dr. Barry Marks, Chiropractor In Orange, California reports that there are many causes of headaches and neck, but the most common ones are:


  • Muscle tension/stress: muscles can be tense in the scalp, underneath the back of the skull (suboccipital), the jaws, back of the neck, and upper back/shoulders due to emotional or physical stress
  • Muscle strain/ligament sprain: after an injury such as a car accident or slip and fall, the msucles and ligaments may be damaged. This causes swelling and inflammation which leads to neck pain and/or stiffness and later trigger headaches.
  • Spinal misalignment/malfunction: the joints of your neck can be stuck from accidents, muscle tension and poor posture which sends nerve impulses to the brain we perceive as pain. These messages also loop back to eh neck and cause increased msucles tension.
  • Poor posture/Forward head posture: do to accidents or chronic strain from sitting at a  desk or leaning over a work bench, etc can cause the normal alignment and positioning of your head in relationship to your back to be altered. This causes strain and malfunction within the neck and results in headaches and neck pain.


  • High blood pressure: one of the first signs of high blood pressure is a headache. It can be a diffuse headache across the front of the side or on top, you may feel pounding in your head and it may be more at times of stress or different times during the day.
  • Dehydration: lack of sufficient water causes headaches usually in the vertex (very top of your head), if you’re water level is low enough ti can also cause dizziness, muscles spasms and tiredness.
  • Hormone fluctuations: hormones can play an important part in headaches, most commonly in females. Women on their cycle often complain about headaches and my be due to changes in blood pressure, water balance, etc under the effects of changing hormones. Low thyroid hormone levels are also associated with headaches.
  • Diet/Food sensitiveness: do you regularly consume caffeine in soda or coffee? Moderate amounts are okay, but if you take in too much, your body will tend to crave more and more. If you then cut down on caffeine a headache will ensue that can last a few days until your body normalizes. Many packaged and prepared foods contain chemicals that are known to cause headaches.

These are just the most common causes of headaches and neck pain. Obviously to understand what is at the toot cause of your headaches or neck pain is to have a doctor well versed in this area to evaluate you. A physical examination, x-rays, blood pressure, pulse, and hydration levels should be checked, If you haven’t had any laboratory blood work i over a year, it is also a good idea to rule out the metabolic causes of headaches.

Once the cause of your headaches and neck pain is established, it’s just a matter of matching up the proper treatment plan to correct the problem.

Cures or solutions for head and neck pain:

  • Reduce muscle tension, locked joints and strain through chiropractic adjustments, stretching exercises (the right ones), massage, heat, electrical therapy, etc You can expect that a condition that has lasted months may take a couple of weeks to noticeably improve.
  • Correct forward head posture/improper alignment through chiropractic adjustments and specific home exercises and remodeling under the direction of an expert in curve realignment. Not all chiropractors do this type of work and practically no physical therapists or medical doctors do.
  • Correct metabolic deficiencies with proper hydration, good nutrition, supplements and avoiding foods that cause sensitivities.
  • If your blood pressure is mildly to moderately high you can lower it naturally without medications by beginning a daily walking program and losing 10 lbs. Slight losses in weight have been shown to lower blood pressure readings by 10 or more points in a relatively short period of time. If your blood pressure remains high or is moderately to severely high, you should consult a medical physician and speak to them about blood pressure lowering medication.

Headaches and neck pain do not have to ruin your life. With the proper work up and treatment program, you could find yourself finally free of pain. Ready to get started?

Take action now and call (714) 938-0575 for a Headache and Neck Pain Evaluation. You’ll be on the road to life without pain.