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Lower Back Pain Problems in Orange County

Lower Back Pain Problems in Orange County

Lower Back Pain Problems

woman with low back pain What You May Have Been Taught About Low Back Problems

Sadly, if you get your health information from the television or your family medical physician, you may be getting flawed information about back pain. You may have heard from these sources that low back pain is generally not serious and can be quickly relieved by taking pills and resting in bed. I’m sure you’ve seen ads where someone is hunched over in great pain and after popping a couple of pills, he’s back out playing with his grand kids. These media portrayals show back pain to be easily fixed with medication and only a nuisance.

The Reality of Lower Back Pain

Things are different in the real world. Very few independent studies have shown that pills from your medicine chest help low back pain in the long run. Worse, taking meds like this only masks the underlying problem causing the pain. The majority of back aches are due to malfunctions within the joist of the spine where bones are either stuck or move too much. The problem may start small, but over time, they grow and your spine begins to breakdown or degenerate. Once this occurs, you have difficulty carrying out your normal daily activities due to more severe lower back pain. It can get to the point where even just sitting or standing brings on tremendous pain and your life is on hold. That doesn’t sound like just a minor nuisance problem to me.

Fix Me Now or Fix Me Later…

But get this, if you treat and fix these minor problems with locked joints early, before they deteriorate, you can stave off serious breakdown and massive disruption in your life later. It’s only when they are allowed to fester over time because you have merely masked the pain with pills, the spine breaks down enough to result in a herniated disc and/or arthritis of the spine.

Treatments for Low Back Pain

Treatments provided in my Chiropractic Office in Orange, CA involves gently moving the stuck bones to improve movement and function. Nerves will stop sending out pain messages once the spinal movement is back to normal and your muscles will relax instead of being in spasm. Pain will decrease and your ability to do normal things will return. This can occur in a relatively short span of time when we are talking about dealing with your problem in the early stages. Obviously if you wait longer, it may taker longer to get you back to normal function, but even that is still possible.

Future pain and disability can be avoided by handling the small problems now rather than later.

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