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Naps ARE Good For You

Naps ARE Good For You

Naps Counteract Ill Effects of Lack of Sleep

naps benefit health

Researchers have found that a lack of sleep causes a lowering of key immune system hormones and other chemicals in your body. Habitual lack of sleep therefore has been shown to be a factor in illness.  Napping has been shown to reverse these effects.

Ill Effects of Lack of Sleep

Medical evidence suggests that insomnia and chronic under-sleeping are a key cause of illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure  and depression. During normal sleep hormones, proteins and other chemicals vital to the immune system attain proper levels. These levels can be monitored through blood and saliva tests. Research has shown that people who do not sleep long enough show marked changes in these chemicals, which puts them at risk  for health problems.

Power Naps to the Rescue

A recent study published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism authored by Dr Brice Faraut, of the Université Paris Descartes-Sorbonne Paris Cité. Dr. Faraut reports that a 30 minute nap, after a night of lack of sleep can actually cause these chemical markers to increase to normal levels. Therefore, the study indicates for people who fail to get enough sleep can reverse any negative effects that may have on their health by taking a 30-minute nap the very next day.

Proper Sleep Is Vital to Good Health

This study is not a reason to go out and under sleep. Everyone needs rest at night for their bodies to recover and recharge for the next day. Proper sleep allows our bodies to do just that. But, for the occasions that we lose sleep due to insomnia, pain, staying up late, or out on the town, research tells us that we should be taking a 30 minute nap the next day.

An Overactive Brain or Pain from an Injury Can Impact Your Sleep. Tips to achieve better sleep:

  • About an hour before bed time eat something; a banana, nuts, peanut butter. Having a protein source prior to bed may help sleep.
  • About 30 minutes before your bed time, turn off all electronics. Do not have any electronics turned on in your room.
  • Drink warm herbal tea and sit in dim lighting prior to bed time
  • At bed time make your room as dark as possible or wear a sleep mask
  • If you do wake up at night do not lay there stressing over it. Get up, walk around have a sip of tea or write in a journal if your mind is racing. After a few minutes then stretch your neck, back, arms and legs for a few minutes and go back to bed.

For help with proper sleep from diet supplements, pillows or pain relief, contact us for advice (714) 938-0575. We are always eager to assist you achieve better health and wellness.


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