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Neck Pain Treatment Orange County

Neck Pain Treatment Orange County

Neck Pain Treatment Orange County

Orange County residents suffering from neck pain due to:

  • Car accident whiplash injury
  • Excessive computer use
  • Sleeping wrong/poor pillow
  • Chronic poor posture

Find relief of neck pain in Orange County from Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Orange CA specializing in car accident injury treatment and fast relief of headaches, neck and back pain since 1986. Former Associate Clinical Professor, Author and Lecturer to doctors and lawyers on whiplash, brain injury and MRI interpretation. Extensive post-doctorate specialty training in orthopedics, whiplash, brain injury, MRI, functional neurology.

Dr Marks can design a personalized neck pain relief program just for you.

Some people find relief in just a few visits, some take longer. It all depends on what is at the root of your neck pain problem. Dr. Marks will find it and give you his best recommendations on the best way to fix it.

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