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One Thing to Lose 15-20 Lbs… No Exercise

One Thing to Lose 15-20 Lbs… No Exercise

Health Hack:
1 Thing to Lose 15-20 Lbs… No Exercise

simple tips on weight loss

So you want to lose some weight, but you can’t bring yourself to exercise regularly. There is a way and it involves eliminating 1 thing from your life and you won’t need to exercise at all.

Before I share this one thing with you, I want you to realize that there is a lot of hype out there regarding weight loss. Much of it is a scam. The ideal way to lose weight is to live a healthy balanced lifestyle and lose weight gradually due to better habits. The way I prefer is to eliminate 1 bad habit and add 1 good habit. That’s all. Simple and very doable. After your life has reset and you are used to it, find another bad habit and add another good habit.

Looking in the mirror and saying I want to lose 50 lbs and going berserk with a huge lifestyle change can work for some, but for most of us, it leads to “yo-yoing.” You lose weight then gain it back and then some; it’s an endless cycle.

“Small improvements over time will lead to great changes in your life.”

So here’s your 1 simple thing to eliminate:

quit drinking soda lose weightSODA

Giving up just 1 can (12 oz) of soda will zap over 52,000 calories out of your life over a years time, resulting in weight loss of about 15 lbs. If you give up 1 medium (16 oz) soda a day, you will cut over 70,000 calories from your diet over the course of a year. The result: Lose about 20 lbs.

This takes no other changes in your diet, activity level or anything. Quit soda, lose weight, a good amount of weight; 15-20 lbs is substantial.

Now, here’s 1 simple thing to add to your daily routine:

drink water for weight lossWATER

Getting rid of soda benefits you with weight loss, lower blood pressure and other positive health effects.  Adding water, will help even more. Studies show that drinking a glass of water 30 mins before a meal, 3 times a day will cut from 75-90 calories off of each meal resulting in a loss of around 5 lbs in 3 months. That could mean 12 lbs or more over the course of a year. Water not only helps you lose weight, it also makes your heart work more efficiently, people report clearer thinking when hydrated and many studies show back pain decreases when drinking enough water.

My water routine is one glass 8-10 oz of water:

  1. First thing in morning
  2. On drive to work
  3. At lunch time
  4. With late afternoon snack
  5. On Drive Home from work
  6. With dinner
  7. Before bed

That equates to 7 servings of water a day and isn’t all that difficult.

How to know when you’re hydrated?

Everyone is different and body mass, environment and activity levels alter who much water we need. A simple test is to look at your urine. It should be faint yellow. Not totally clear, but still some yellow color. Darker yellow and more odorous urine means dehydration.

Dropping Soda and adding Water can melt 27 to 32 lbs in one year without lifting a finger.

After you’ve gotten this Health Hack down, we will talk about… exercise.

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