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Orange CA Chiropractor Takes the Chiro-Trust Pledge

Orange CA Chiropractor Takes the Chiro-Trust Pledge Member Chiropractor Orange, California 92868, Dr. Barry Marks pledgeDr. Marks is proud to announce that he is among the first chiropractors to take the pledge.  Doctors all over the country are joining Chiro-Trust and pledging to provide “Convenient, Affordable and Mainstream” chiropractic treatments. The national organization is interested in spreading the word of the efficacy of chiropractic for many health conditions. It is also concerned with doctors providing what the public is looking for in a chiropractor; namely affordable and scientifically sound pain-relief treatments.

“When I became aware of Chiro-Trust and what they were doing, it was a no-brainer,” reports Dr. Marks. “My chiropractic treatment philosophy was already in line with what they are doing, so I took the pledge and joined up immediately. I’m hoping to reach out to other chiropractors in Orange County and working with them to join as well.”