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Upper Back and Shoulder Blade Pain Treatment

Upper Back and Shoulder Blade Pain Treatment

Chiropractic Treatment of Upper Back and Shoulder Blade Pain

upper back shoulder blade pain treatmentAre you suffering from pain in the upper back or shoulder blade? Have medications, physical therapy and home stretches failed?

Don’t give up hope.

There are treatments available to give you relief of pain in the upper back or in the shoulder blade. Treatments that involve no dangerous drugs, no painful shots, and no risky surgery. read on to learn more.

Upper back and shoulder blade anatomy

The upper and middle spine is known as the “thoracic spine.” It is made up of 12 spinal bones called vertebrae and attached to each vertebra are ribs on each side. The ribs wrap around and form another joint in the front of the chest with the breast bone or sternum. The thoracic spine, ribs and sternum comprise the thorax which protects vital organs such as the lungs and heart.

The shoulder blade bone is actually called the “scapula.” This flat bone has muscles underneath and on top and rides along the outside of the rib cage.

bones of thoracic spinePain in the upper back and shoulder blade has many causes:

  • Spinal misalignment (subluxation)
  • Rib misalignment in the back with the spine or in the front with the sternum
  • Muscle strain and/or muscle knots from exertion or accidents
  • Chronic poor posture, shoulders rolling forward due to weak back muscles
  • Neck problems, a joint problem in the neck can refer pain to the shoulder blade

Treatment of Upper Back and Shoulder Blade Pain

Treatment focuses on the underlying cause. If there is muscle strain spasm due to overexertion or an accident, then treatment is designed to relieve inflammation and spasm such as heat, electrical stimulation and laser therapy. Massage and stretching may also be used.

If misalignment of the spine or ribs occurs, which is common after overexertion or injury, then chiropractic spinal manipulation is the best bet to unlock the stuck bones and allow the joints to function smoothly and painlessly. Specific exercises may also be given to keep the joints moving freely after the adjustments.

Integral to any upper back pain treatment plan is home exercise and stretching. Prolonged sitting at a computer, driving cars, reaching and pulling, causes strain and a break down of the thoracic posture. The shoulders roll forward and strain is placed on the joints of the upper back and the chest in front. To counteract this, strengthening exercises for the upper and middle back are needed. Push-ups, rowing and elastic band exercise can increase strength of the mid back and keep your posture more upright.

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